Author Cher Gatto

Author Cher Gatto

Writer, Author, Editor, Pastor's Wife, Missionary, Teacher, Mom of Five ... that's me.  But I am also a fellow journeyman, laid-back most of the time, insecure at others, a people-person who would rather be alone. I love early morning writing and evening drives. Playing with horses. Laughing with teenagers. I survived the NICU with my first-born, cancer in my forties, and ten years in the desert (okay, the desert wasn't so bad). 

Now at 50, I have aspired to be a writer, and here I am!



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I believe there is redemption in every story... because I believe in the Author of redemption. There is no place too broken, too ugly, too dark where God cannot reach. Those are the kinds of stories I've experienced, and the kinds of stories I love to write about.



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When I moved back to NJ in 2016, I found a lack of support for the local community of writers. In response to that, I launched the NY/NJ chapter for ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and currently serve as president. The local chapter offers monthly meetings hosted by professionals and laymen in the field of writing and publishing. I have recently accepted the volunteer position as Zone Director for the Northeast and we hope to develop more thriving support groups in this area!